This vision is simple; provide young athletes with the tools necessary to be productive members of society by fostering a culture that held them accountable, taught them responsibility, and provided the skills necessary to be productive members of society.  Programs such as wellness and stress management, fundamental training camps and team building are cornerstones missions of Track Fit Corp.

For just $10 dollars a month, sponsors provide our kids with the resources they need to grow.  

Facility Sponsorship

Parks and most athletic facilities in Palm Beach County are not free. Help us to provide more opportunities for our kids to get out and play.

Coach Sponsorship

Track and Field coaches invest their time and lives for athletes, usually for $1 per hour. Your donation helps coaches who go above and beyond. Donate so our coaches have more support.

Student athletes smile at a track meet

Student Sponsorship

Student athletes qualify for yearly scholarships and additional assistance to meet their goals. 

Other Ways to Help

For more info please contact: info@Trackfit.org

Please consider becoming a Track Meet Volunteer or simply follow us on social media and help spread the word.